PEC/AWS Prospero offers many solutions and customization for all wine, beer, and beverage needs. A few solutions that we provide are: new winery start-ups, mobile bottling trailers, existing winery set-ups, custom crush facilities, and much more. We welcome the opportunity to offer solutions for any new and existing clients.

With over thirty years in the wine/beverage equipment industry Prospero Equipment Corporation has the experience to handle any special needs a client may have. Through the many years of cooperation with our vendors and with our highly trained staff we are prepared to offer many solutions for our clients.

Through the cooperation with our vendors and utilizing the ingenuity and creativity of our staff, Prospero provides a very professional, high quality product. Our catalog represents world leaders in wine/beverage equipment technology and superiority. By utilizing the most advanced wine/beverage equipment technology Prospero is able to offer the best products on the market today.