2 new CIME 6/1's in stock in Pleasentville NY.  

 - Includes infeed photocell, dummy bottles, and speed inverter

 CIME 6/6/1 Rinsing-Pressure Filling-Crown Capping

Automatic monoblock in stainless steel composed by:
1.) Rinsing machine with 6 places in stainless steel for bottles with maximum diameter 115 mm. A gripper device takes the bottle by the neck and -through a system of sprocket-wheel- rack pushed by a cam - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters in to the bottleneck for 80mm; there is injection only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottleneck and the injector parts. The two injection circuits are completely separated. The injection time and set up are easily adjustable by an external cams system. The gripper then turns the bottle and releases it in the discharge star which carries it onto the conveyor belt.
2.) 6 spout pressure filler for bottles with maximum diameter 115 mm with:
Bottle double pre-evacuation: it breathes in the air contained in the bottle, it replaces this air with pressurized CO2 it breathes in the air again before equilibrating the bottle pressure with the gas contained in the tank. In this way it eliminates ~ 95% of the oxygen contained in the bottle. It uses a fluid ring pump equipped with water recycle tank
3.) 1 head crown capper feed up by vibration
The entrance and the transfer between rinsing and filling are made by infeed screw that drive and synchronize the bottles.
The monoblock is supplied with:
- Safety guards in accordance with CE standards
- Devices for rinser sterilization
- Dummy bottles for filler sterilization
Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle
Speed 600-1.200 bottles/hour (INVERTER)