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General Details



  • ƒStandard and custom-made equipment for small and medium-size breweries;
  • all-in-one-designs / compact designs / combi tanks and multifunctional tanks in different combinations combined in a single system / individually designed tanks;
  • ƒequipped with an effective cooling and heating system, insulated
  • vessels with thermal bottom and jacket;
  • completely piped and wired,
  • with an integrated pump system,
  • platform for combining the vessels in a compact unite,
  • with installed CIP system.

High-quality manufacturing processƒ

  • Completely made of stainless steel, only certified materials are used (option: TiN-coated stainless steel);
  • automated grinding and polishing of welds and inner surfaces;
  • ƒmodern welding techniques: TIG welding, laser welded cooling/ heating sections (pillow plates) on tank jacket and tank bottom, orbital welded pipes;
  • ƒin designing and manufacturing of equipment general rules of the profession and good engineering and manufacturing practice are respected;
  • ƒplanning, production, control and environmental management are regulated according to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

User friendly

  • touch screen user interface,
  • organized manifold system easy accessible from the front,
  • sanitary design: polished internal tank surface and welds ensure
  • an easy and effective cleaning of the system.

Available in 2 different model:
– BH2
– BH3 (with separate hot water tank)

Available in different sizes:
– 7 bbl
– 15 bbl
– 15 bbl HG
– 18 bbl (15 HG HO)

Technical Info
Brewhouse BH2 / BH3BH 7 bblBH 15 bblBH 15HG bblBH 18 bbl
Max. mash volume tank(1)bbl5,59,913,115
Tank volume (2)bbl9,615,623,526,2
Tank volume (3)bbl11,7191930,2
Tank volume (4)bbl1430,230,240
Tank diameter (D1)inch52,664,474,478,4
Tank diameter (D2)inch52,664,464,472,2
Tank diameter (D3)inch50,053,953,970,0
Tank height (H1)inch107,5109,0111,0111,0
Tank height (H2)inch80,7858582,7
Tank height (H3)inch49,298,498,478,7
Grist case height (H4)inch45,359,573,681,5
Total length approx. (L)inch134,0146,0156183,0
Total width approx. (W)inch77,089,098102,0
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