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The Liverani, “VAN pump” is a well equipped machine that can pump between 0-155 gallons per minute (VAN 80). This pump uses a flexible rubber impeller which is made for handling food grade products. The VAN has a stainless steel pump head that can be easily removed for cleaning. The connections on the VAN are 3″ Tri-Clover style flanges which makes it a great candidate for must pumping. Its flexible impeller offers simple operation and virtually no shear.

VAN comes equipped with a mechanical drive which the speed can be manually adjusted on the pump itself.

The VAN is available from Prospero on our new four wheel carts. These carts are specifically designed for the winemaker in mind. All carts have four large solid rubber tires and are balanced so they can be easily moved over hoses on the cellar floor. These carts are all stainless steal. Mounted on the rear of the two handle bars is a tray to hold clamps and gaskets. The wheels have a locking brake to keep the pump in position.

– 3″ Triclover fittings (VAN 80)
– Capacity: 0-155 GPM gallons per minute (VAN 80)
– 220 volt Three phase motor only
– 25 ft. power cable
– Mechanical variable speed drive

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