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Sorting Tables

CMA SORTING TABLES Belt Sorting Tables S800 Vibrating Sorting Table SV800 Rolltec Sorting Table Documents Belt Sorting Tables S800 CMA S800 Production capacity of 2-10 tons per hour.Belt sorting table for manual sorting of whole or destemmed grapes from unwanted material. The CMA S800 belt sorting tables are designed for ease in placement and work […]


CMA LUGANA DESTEMMER Lugana 1R Lugana 2R Lugana 3R Documents Lugana 1R CMA LUGANA 1R Designed for destemming 4 to 6 tons of grapes per hour. CMA destemmers offer intuitive design, compact and easy disassembly for sanitation. Offering many different cage sizes and configurations for customization for all varieties of grapes. With locking caster wheels […]


CMA DREAM DESTEMMER General Details Documents General Details CMA DREAM Designed for destemming up to 15 tons per hour THE DREAM DESTEMMER BY CMA IS FOR DELICATE GRAPE PROCESSING.The DREAM destemmer and autosorter has a unique design in destemming technology. By eliminating the rotary basket and spindle, the DREAM offers a new concept of oscillation […]

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