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Corking (Champagne corks/ Wine corks) + Wire-hooding Machine.

General Details

Automatic Monoblock (Corking / Wiring).

The Automatic Monoblock includes in a single machine the functions of corking and wire-hooding. Suitable to process glass containers with ø ranging from 55 to 115 mm and heights from 240 to 375mm (OR from 190 to 325 mm), in fact, thanks to the corking and wire-hooding turrets adjustable in height through knobs on the rear side, the machine allows processing various formats of bottles.

The Monoblock is available in TWO VERSIONS differing only for the throughput and the safety guards, which are lighter in the JUNIOR version. The components, the mechanisms and the operation of the Monoblock machines are exactly the same and maintain the same level of quality.

STANDARD version: throughput from 1,200 to 2,800 b/h.
JUNIOR version: throughput up to 1,200 b/h

Besides the champagne cork the machine can process also wine corks (without further modifications to the corking head), depending on the customer’s needs, since it is possible to disconnect the wire-hooding turret to work only with the corking turret through a mechanical device located inside the machine, that can be operated manually.

The bottles are fed into the machine through a spacing screw in the STANDARD version, while in the JUNIOR version the bottles go through a starwheel; both systems are controlled electrically. The automatic corking unit is suitable for the application of natural champagne corks, both unidirectional and bidirectional types, with max. ø of 30mm. The automatic wire-hooding unit is suitable for the application of 4-post wire-hoods with or without cap.

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