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For the distribution and closure of PVC Capsules.

General Details

Capping Monoblock – PVC Capsules

Suitable for distribution and closure of PVC shrink caps by means of a shrink head with an hourly throughput of 3,000 bottles.
The machine was designed to meet the needs of small and medium producers and is suitable for the bottling in glass containers with a ø of 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 190 to 375 mm. In fact, the machine enables processing different bottle sizes thanks to the column whose height can be adjusted through a handle placed on the side.

The machine is operated partly mechanically and partly pneumatically:
The capsules are loaded using a horizontal magazine, supplied as a standard equipment of the basic machine and, containing about 500 capsules. On demand, the machine can be fitted with a magazine with bottom loading and a capacity of 1,000 caps.
The standard machine is equipped of DOUBLE photocell at the inlet to detect the presence of cork/bottle. The machine can be equipped with devices detecting the presence of the capsules at the discharge and/or controlling the bottle accumulation at the discharge (at cost). The variation of the speed of the machine can be obtained by turning a knob located on the side. On demand it is possible to fit an INVERTER on the motor, which, using a potentiometer placed on the electrical keyboard panel, allows more precise and sensitive speed variation (from minimum production to maximum production rate).

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