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2011S-MRTG/1 MC

Semi-automatic Triblock - Version for Classical Champagne method.

General Details

Semi-automatic Triblock (Disgorging, Dosage and Leveling, Corking, Wiring) for classical champagne method

The Semi-automatic Triblock assembles in a single machine the functions of Semi-automatic monobloc – disgorging, dosage (addition of liqueur) and leveling, corking and wire-hooding (for small to medium productions of champagne, sparkling wines with the classical champagne method).
It is suitable for the bottling in glass containers with a diameter ranging from 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 375 mm. The first station performs the disgorging, the dosage and the leveling and consists on the following items: A device for the manual disgorging and 4 valves ; one for the disgorging, i.e the elimination of a part of wine, if necessary to reach a pre-established level in the bottle, a valve for the dosage, i.e. addition of liqueur, with liqueur tank equipped with a device regulating the quantity of liqueur to be introduced in the bottle, nitrogen inlet and pressure gauge for the control of the pressure, and two valves for the leveling of the wine. The four valves allow performing all operations of dosage and leveling in automatic mode: the operator has just to position the bottle on the support plate suitable for all workable formats. For the automatic supply of the wine tank located at side of the liqueur tank and used to maintain the wine at a constant pressure, a system consisting of a support for the bottle and a valve, located outside the lower part of the chassis is applied. The corker, made of steel and equipped with a safety device, closes with natural champagne corks and is suitable for small or medium productions.

The wire-hooding machine is suitable for the application of the wire-hoods and their closure. It is possible to apply the following types of wire-hoods: 4-leg wire-hood with cap and 4-leg wire-hood without cap.


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