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Semi-automatic Triblock - Version for Charmat method / Beer

General Details

Semi-automatic Triblock (Isobaric Filler + Corker + Wire-Hooding machine)

The isobaric filler is suitable for the bottling with effervescent drinks and, on demand, with still drinks.

As to the effervescent drinks, the filling of the product obtained through the Classical method/Champenoise method (fermentation of the wine in the bottle) is to be excluded. In fact with this method it is necessary to use another machine that can perform the disgorging, dosage (addition of the liqueur) and final leveling (machine available on demand). Therefore, the filler is suitable to fill products obtained according to the Charmat method (fermentation of the wine in tanks/autoclaves), and other products. The isobaric filler works fully automatically so the operator needs to perform only the loading and unloading of the bottle holding cup.
The filling valve, designed to avoid the foaming of the product, guarantees the maximum fluidity with a completely automatic leveling system.The machine is equipped with 4 filling valves that enable filling two bottles at a time, so, while the machine performs the filling on one side, on the other side the bottle can be unloaded and loaded. The filler is equipped with no-return valve 1” in aisi 316 stainless steel (it prevents the return of the wine into the tank and the consequent foaming). The corker, made of steel and equipped with a safety device, closes with natural champagne corks and is suitable for small or medium productions. By request and with the suitable adaptation kit (supplied at cost) it is possible to apply natural wine corks with the same turret.
The wire-hooding machine is suitable for the application of the wire-hoods and their closure. It is possible to apply the following types of wire-hoods: 4-leg wire-hood with cap and 4-leg wire-hood without cap.

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