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To prevent defective bottles from breaking during the filling cycle.

General Details

The patented testing machine 45012 has been designed to pre-vent defective bottles from reaching the filler or from breaking during the filling cycle.

A bottle burst, especially during bottling of sparkling products (e.g. sparkling wines or beer) causes a stop of the supply line in order to remove glass fragments. This inconvenience represents a food- related hazard and causes wear of the filling valves and an increase in maintenance costs. The testing machine has three important functions:

Sterile air inlet into the bottle at a higher pressure (ma-ximum 8 bar) than the bottling one with subsequent burst inside the machine in case of bottle structural defect;
Pressure maintenance to check the bottle resistance;
Bottleneck checking by a tracer to verify if the internal dia-meter is too small or has an occlusive defect.

Techical Info
Bottle Øinch2.36 – 4.72
mm60 – 120
Bottle heightinch5.90 – 16.53
mm150 – 420
Bottle volumeoz12.68 – 405.76
lt0,187 – 1,5
Neck internal Øinch≥ 0.62
mm≥ 16
Testing headsn12
Pressure maxbar8
Production 0,75 lt (25.3 oz)b/h10000

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