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To prevent defective bottles from breaking during the filling cycle.

General Details

The patented testing machine 45012 has been designed to prevent defective bottles from reaching the filler or from breaking during the filling cycle.

A bottle burst, especially during bottling of sparkling products (e.g. sparkling wines or beer) causes a stop of the supply line in order to remove glass fragments. This inconvenience represents a food-related hazard and causes wear of the filling valves and an increase in maintenance costs. The testing machine has three important functions:

Sterile air inlet into the bottle at a higher pressure (maximum 8 bar) than the bottling one with subsequent burst inside the machine in case of bottle structural defect;
Pressure maintenance to check the bottle resistance;
Bottleneck checking by a tracer to verify if the internal diameter is too small or has an occlusive defect.

45012 TESTING MACHINE Product Video

Techical Info
Function 45012
Bottle Ø inch 2.36 – 4.72
mm 60 – 120
Bottle height inch 5.90 – 16.53
mm 150 – 420
Bottle volume oz 12.68 – 405.76
lt 0,187 – 1,5
Neck internal Ø inch ≥ 0.62
mm ≥ 16
Testing heads n 12
Pressure max bar 8
Production 0,75 lt (25.3 oz) b/h 10000

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