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Intermittent motion machine moved by a Gantry 2-axis robot system.

General Details

Fully automatic packer inserts bottles in the formed cardboard cases.

Intermittent motion machine moved by a Gantry 2-axis robot system ensures high production speed and accurate performance.
Vertical and horizontal axis, independently controlled, allow to set different pick and place positions in a wide operating range.
Servo-controlled motors and resolvers allow extremely precise movements, variable speeds during the different phases of the packing cycle, securing a soft and balanced extremely precise movement while bottles are inserted into packs.
A sturdy structure in painted carbon steel holds the axes, which are supported by carbon steel linear guides whose size has been calculated to last for long time and endure work on more shifts.

The operator places empty cases over conveyor with short flaps down.
long flaps are opened by passive flap opener. (*Active flap opener is an option 4 ft longer) Cases move to filling position and stops under centrator.
Special blades on centrator device provide a precise centering of partition cells.
A single line bottle infeed and a 4×3 pattern is prepared on the table under head position. Head moves over the bottles, descents and stops automatically at the right height. Pneumatic grips pick bottle necks and lift, transfer and softly place bottles in the case. Head moves over the table, centrator lift up and a new case enter.
Full case moves-on,short and long flaps are closed by active repack closer device.
Case is sealed by a self adhesive taping head on the top. (*bottom sealing is an option)

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