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The new CAN series linear monoblocs by GAI.

General Details

From now on, canned craft beers are possible too.

The new CAN series linear monoblocs belong to an ambitious project with the aim of satisfying the increasingly frequent requests for machines suitable for cans.
They are provided with a mechanism, which guarantees quality even to small and medium productions.

The main innovative solutions are the following:

The work cycle is performed using inert gas in every station, thus considerably reducing beer oxidation. Disinfection is easy and safe: all circuits can be easily reached and are designed to avoid dangerous stagnations. Unique on the market thanks to quality and performances

Techical Info
Function MLE4441-CAN MLE6661-CAN
Ø Can inch 1.96-3.34 1.96-3.34
mm 50-85 50-85
Rinser n 4 6
Filler n 4 6
Can lids dispenser n 4 4
Seamer n 1 1
Output gal/h 118 171
lt/h 450 650
Speed can/h up to 1.200 up to 1.600
can/min up to 20 up to 27

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