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Semiautomatic capsuling machine.

General Details


The manual capsuling machine is for use in small and medium manufacturing plants and is suitable for the application of large sparkling wine capsules with maximum length of mm. 125/130.
It can be used for bottling in glass containers with a diameter ranging from 55 to 115 mm and a maximum height of 375 mm (from Lt. 0,375 to Lt. 1,5). Its production is 600 bott/h.
Its functioning is only pneumatic and the it does not need power but only compressed air.
The application of capsules take place by 2 pneumatic membranes (the first fold and the second smooth down) with vertical movement of the turret.
The work cycle starts by resting the bottle on a plane, after which the operator will put by hand the capsule on the bottle (the machine haven’t automatic feed) and through a twohand control, the work cycle starts. The moment in which the operation is complete, the machine automatically stops, as do all its units.
The machine features a stainless steel chassis.
The front guard makes the machine hazard free, protecting against any possible accidents caused by breakage.

The machine can be assembled on four wheels on fixed feet.


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