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D.E. Filtration

2-10 Sq. Meter D.E. Filter

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2-10 Sq. Meter D.E. Filter

Due to original patent-pending Padovan design, the filter plates assure on elevated drainage flow during filtration and precoating, besides complete and accurate washing, even under the filtering cloth; they ore mode of stainless steel A/SI 304 sheet provided with drown reliefs against which is placed the filtering cloth made of stainless steel A/SI 3 16l with a 65-micron mesh.

The most significant feature consists in the lack of the drainage grid, which causes a lot of pollution if drains too much. Motorization For rotation of filter plates is equipped with hydraulic coupling. Green filter is equipped of special inlet flow distributor that avoids vortexes and abnormal flows of liquid at both high and low outputs. After filtration operations, the residual liquid in the chamber is drained in 10 – 15 minutes by means of the main pump and filtered through an external auxiliary filter. The auxiliary filter is provided with horizontal filter plates and is very
easy to disassemble and wash. The filtration is done with Diatomaceous Earth. The coke is discharged from the filter as o paste by fast turning of the filter plates.

The annular section between filter plates and cylindrical body is very large and so the free volume on the low conical bottom. This allows to discharge easily the coke and accumulate the some on the bottom without immerging the lower filter plates; it is then conveyed in an external val on wheels provided with the filter. The final washing is obtained with water coming out from calibrated holes in a vertical manifold.

Washing is performed in about 5 minutes with consumption of approx. 30 – 50 liters of water per square meter of filtration surface. Waterproof switch-board according to IP 55 class.

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