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Case erecting machine.

General Details

Case erecting machine

Automatic machine for the opening of American type case. FORM 1300 HM, with space-saving compact design, opens the case and seals the bottom flaps by hot melt glue.
Manufactured with a solid frame in stainless steel AISI 304 and with innovative mechanical solutions, FORM 1300 HM provides perfect square cases and applies the glue with 4 nozzles to ensure a secure seal. Brushless drive motors power cases through erecting and sealing with a smooth and accurate motion to ensure high speed performance and to manage glue sprays.

Techical Info

Brushless drive motors power cases transfer.
Adjustment may be completed without change parts, by using hand turnwheels with numerical marker and graduated scale.
Case magazine holds up to 80 pieces. Provided with missing case alarm it may be refilled at any time during operation. Extended magazine up to 160 cases.
Touch-screen display.
Nordson Hot Melt applicator and programmable heating of glue before starting of bottling line working.
The glue jets are set by operator panel and carried out by the machine, selecting the case format on the touch-screen. Optional special version to work élite case which allows to stock bottle lying.

output1250 cph
installed power8 HP
6 atm air consumption450 Nl/min
electric absorption15 A
weight1763.7 Lbr

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