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Case packer machine.

General Details

Case packer machine

Fully automatic pick and place machine, with chassis, bottles and cases accumulation tables in stainless steel AISI 304.
Simple and sturdy structure suitable for cases and plastic crates.
Fixed or multiformat pick-up heads and equipments allow a perfect result with case with or without inside partitions, paying attention to the labels. Quick format changeover, which requires only few minutes. Inverter- controlled radial mechanical movement secures a smooth and balanced movement while bottles are inserted inside cases and allows speed to be varied during the different phases of the operating cycle.

Provided with CE mark in specification of the Directive of the European Council (2006/42/CE) next modifications.

Techical Info


Main motor SEW Eurodrive.
Inverter-controlled radial movement with speed variation adjustable on operator panel.
Touch-screen operator panel.
Bottle presence inspection device on table.
Use of step-step motors allows the automatic adjustment of the picking head grips, of the photocells detecting case presence, of the case drive and of the guide rails on bottle table. The parameters of the “format program” are set up and modified autonomously on operator panel.
Multiformat equipments which process bottles with diameters from 62 mm to 108 mm.
Multiformat packing head up to 24 grips (2 cases of 12 btl – 4 cases of 6 btl).
Suitable equipments for customised case patterns.
Automatic bottle height adjustment set up on operator panel.
Special version: decaser.

Output = up to 450 cycles per hour
900 cases of 12 bottles (max length 420mm) 1800 cases of 6 bottles rotated (max length 230mm)

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