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Filling machine, for large bottles up to 12 liters.

General Details

The linear monobloc named MGF has been designed to flexibly work up to 12-liter bottles

The stainless steel automatic linear filler with four nozzles was developed to bottle high quality products using the new electro-pneumatic filling valve UNICA patented in 2013 and able to work with still and sparkling products up to 8 bar without compromise.
The filling valve design reduces the total packaged oxygen in the bottle and optimizes the production speed. In addition, it is possible to work at a reasonable speed even if the product temperature is higher than 1 ÷ 2°C (34 ÷ 35°F). The machine perfect cleaning is guaranteed by meticulous attention to detail in the design of each component, strict procedures in manufacturing surfaces in contact with food products, significant use of electro-polished stainless steel and separate control management of each filling circuit

Techical Info
FunctionMGF 040 HP
Bottle Øinch2.75 – 9.05
mm70 – 230
Bottle heightinch7.87 – 27.55
mm200 – 700
Bottle volumeoz12.68 – 405.76
lt0,375 – 12
Neck internal Øinch≥ 0.66
mm≥ 17
Spout fillern4
Production 25.3 oz (0,75 lt)b/h550 (still wine*) – 400 (spark. wine**)
Production 50.7 oz (1,5 lt)b/h350 (still wine*) – 250 (**)
Production 101.4 oz (3 lt)b/h210 (still wine*) – 150 (spark. wine**)

*referred to wine at: 0.5bar, <57.2 ºF  –  **referred to wine at: 5bar, <35.6 ºF

-Not binding data-

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