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Ideal for transfer of crushed and destemmed grapes.

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Ideal for transfer of crushed and destemmed grapes

The Mono pump allows for the smooth, gentle transfer of crushed and destemmed grapes. The pump rotor consists of a Stainless steel auger revolving inside the housing composed of food grade rubber.

Main features of MP:
– Composed of Stainless steel.
– Ability to transfer highly viscous product and liquids.
– Continuous flow without pulsation.
– Minimal vibration.
– Working pressure of 4 – 6 bar pressure.
– Pump capacity ranges from 12 tons to 36 tons per hour.

C.M.A. mono pumps are compact and easy to use under destemmer/crushers and fermenting tanks. These pumps are mounted on 4 wheels for easy maneuvering and have an electric control panel with start, stop and reverse.

Available in 3 versions:
⋅ 7-10 Tons/h
⋅ 15-20 Tons/h
⋅ 23-30 Tons/h

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