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Semi-Automatic Gravity Fillers

Semi-Automatic Gravity Fillers

General Details

Semi-Automatic Gravity Fillers. Four, six, and eight spout units.

World-renowned GAI stainless steel high sanitary gravity fillers. 

Used by thousands of beverage companies around the world, these gravity fillers can easily fill 400 to 800 bottles per hour. A simple float valve in the filler bowl automatically controls the flow of wine to the filler. Adjustment for different bottle sizes and fill height is simple and fast. The operator simply places a bottle onto on of the spouts to start filling. Filling stops automatically when the bottle is full.

The simplest way to supply product to the gravity filler is from a small 40 to 100 gallon feed tank elevated a few feet above the filler. You pump your wine from your bottling tank through your filter into the gravity feed tank as needed. The feed tank then gently supplies a continuous supply of wine to the gravity filler.


Technical Info

4 spout – 320 liters/hour

6 spout – 480 liters/hour

8 spout – 640 liters/hour

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