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Semi-Automatic Labeling

General Details

Semi-Auto GAI 601 labeling unit

The range of semiautomatic labelers is a much-appreciated product on the world market. The 601 machine is suitable to label cylindrical containers and also, with proper accessories, slightly tapered containers (max. taper 1,5°). The current model machine can apply label or label + back-label on the same reel. The machine is made of stainless steel and the paper course is clearly engraved to make label replacement easier. The label detachment blade is made of stainless steel, looking-glass polished to reduce the friction and therefore blade wear. The label station is equipped with a single-phase motor ensuring a labeling precision of ± 2.5 mm.

Speed: approx. 600 bottles/hour

Techical Info
– Labels up to a max. Of 280 mm on cylindrical bottles
– Paper passage 140 mm (190 mm on request)
– Label application tolerance ± 2.5 mm (with cylindrical bottles)
– Maximum number of label dispensing stations: 1
– Label roll inside diameter 76 mm, outside diameter of 280 mm
– Label stretching with motor-driven roller: overall pressure of 12 kg applied on the container
– Possible application of front- and back-label system from a single roll
– Microprocessor control board
– Labeling managed through potentiometers for body and back label centering
– Installation of a pad marker as option
– Mechanical bottle orientation (mark research) as option
– Suitable for cylindrical bottles (optional equipment for tapered bottles with max. taper of 1.5)
– Bottle diameter from 60 to 115 mm (on request with extra charge from 35mm up to 180mm)
– Bottle height from 170 to 400 mm

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