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Semiautomatic monoblock (isobaric / crowner).

General Details


Semiautomatic Monobloc manual bottle loading/unloading automatic filling manual feed of crown corks.

The isobaric filler is suitable for the bottling effervescent drinks and, on demand, still drinks. As to the effervescent drinks, the filling of the product obtained through the Classical method/Champenoise method (fermentation of the wine in the bottle) is to be excluded. In fact with this method it is necessary to use another machine that can perform the disgorging, dosifying (additon of the liqueur) and final leveling (machine available on demand).
Therefore, the filler is suitable to fill products obtained according to the Charmat method (fermentation of the wine in tanks/autoclaves), and other products such as cider, beer, etc


Techical Info
Type of product  effervescent/still drinks
Average throughput b/h 300*
Bottle Ø inch 2.75 – 4.52
mm 70 – 115
Bottle height inch 9.44 – 14.56
mm 240 – 370
Filling valves n 4
Cork type Crown
Air feed pressure bar 6
Pressure of product in tank bar from 3 to 3.5

*With optimal conditions
Not binding data

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