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Ideal for the transportation of musts, wines and other fluids inside the cellar.

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Thanks to their versatility and solidity MPL Pumps are ideal for the transportation of musts, wines and other fluids inside the cellar.

Pump casings (rotors and stators) are original “NETZSCH” thus assuring a long lived and reliable item.The “L” type, i.e. long pitch rotor enables the pumps to work at very low rotation speeds obtaining high delivery capacity in full respect of the treated product and assuring a remarkable mechanical stability i.e. insignificant vibrations and subsequently low wear and tear of the stators. All MPL pumps are reversible and with bi-directional mechanical capacity. They are supplied with three wheels, one of them being revolving wheel with brake, which lend an easy handling inside the cellar. The electric board in the machine is equipped with a three-phase electronic speed variator (Inverter) with net filter and cooling fan. In addition, the 4ÅÄ20 mA signal input foreseen on the electric board allows the automatic connection of the pump to the bottling line.

The pump can be equipped with the following optional accessories:
• Electric board with Stainless steel box.
• Electronic speed display.
• Safety pressure regulator to avoid overpressure analogue version, or digital version.
• Pump incoming bend with fluid level feeler to avoid the pump’s dry work.
• Re-circle by pass with adjustable automatic overpressure valve.
• Motor-driven servo-fan to prevent motor overheating at low speed work

Available in 3 versions:
⋅ 1-4 Tons/h
⋅ 2-8 Tons/h
⋅ 4-15 Tons/h


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