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Automatic monoblock for 3 operations: case erector, packer and top sealer.

General Details

Automatic packaging monoblock

The monobloc consists of three operation units integrated among them: case erector, packer and top sealer. The trio can work cases containing 6, 12 and 15 of the most commonly used bottles.
The packing unit can be provided with multiformat equipments to be able to work different bottle diameters without replacement of the picking-up equipment and with centering funnels for cases with our without premade partitions.

Production up to 3000 bph – 250 cases/h of 12 bottles – 500 cases/h of 6 bottles.

Techical Info


– Bottles alignement device.
– Case magazine with capacity up to 75 pieces depending on their thickness.
– Case erecting group.
– Bottle inserting group with case centring funnel.
– Group for bottom flap sealing by adhesive tape – case transfer by side belts.
– Device for top flaps sealing by adhesive tape.
– Touch-screen display.
– Safety guards in aluminium and métacrylate.
Different configurations and two versions are available:
– Standard: it provides case opening, packing and bottom/top sealing by adhesive tape. This is an optimal configuration for the employ of cartons without partitions or with preglued partitions, as the entire packaging cycle is carried out by the machine.
— Basic: provides case opening, packing and bottom sealing. The cartons opened on the top are discharged

Output: 3000 bphto allow for the next partitions introduction.

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