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Intended for fermentation and white wine storage.

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General Details

Variable capacity white wine tanks type VW

Intended for fermentation and white wine storage,

  • with open top and floating lid. The floating lid can easily be adapted to the level of wine in the tank,
  • the cooling jacket (pillow plate) on the tank wall allows an effective regulation of the wine temperature in the vessel,
  • legs or legs extensions are equipped with height adjusting screws and cup plates that allow to fix the tank to the floor.

Available in different model (from 500 to 2000 gal.)

Techical Info
CAPACITY1900 Liters2900 Liters3800 Liters5600 Liters7300 Liters
504 Gal.768 Gal.1019 Gal.1481 Gal.1945 Gal.
D44 inch54 inch63 inch75 inch81 inch
H79 inch79 inch79 inch79 inch89 inch
Z108 inch108 inch117 inch128 inch128 inch
S9 inch9 inch9 inch3 inch2.7 inch
Z with ext. 11.8”121 inch121 inch129 inch141 inch141 inch
S with ext. 11.8”21 inch21 inch21 inch15.5 inch15 inch
Z with ext. 25.6”135 inch135 inch143 inch154 inch154 inch
S with ext. 25.6”35 inch35 inch35 inch29 inch29 inch
Nr. of Legs33344
M (approx.)342 lbs.441 lbs.562 lbs.706 lbs.816 lbs.

*Not binding data.

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