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The History

Since 1955 we design and manufacture machines and complete packaging lines dedicated to the beverage and food industries.
Our goal: to increase the competitiveness of our customers by ensuring reliability, efficiency and technology.
We offer our customers a full service: from engineering to after-sales and technical support. Every day, more than 60 people manage the design, construction, commissioning and customer care of machines and plants. We have a complete range of machines for the depalletization, case erecting, case packing, partition inserting, case sealing and palletization.
For more than fifty years of experience, our mission has been, is, and will be developing the best technical solutions for our clients all over the world.


In 1961, Fabio Grappoli founds the APE Company in Verona, dedicated to the oenology sector.

In this important period, during which the sales of the wine in bottle occurred, the pasteurization process takes more and more importance in the bottling process.

From 1962, date of which APE deposits its first patent, the company is dedicated to the development, design and production of pasteurizers, some of which are still in operation today.


In the late 60’s the consumption of wine in bottles becomes mainstream.

With the distribution in iron baskets and plastic crates, the “packaging” became a fundamental part of the production process.

1974 marks the birth of the first automatic case packers “Regina”, conceived by APE as a result of a brilliant intuition: making possible, for the first time, to automate the insertion of the product inside the packaging.


In the 80’s a decisive milestone in APE’s story take place: the founder’s son, Franco Grappoli, joined the company.
An important change within the beverage sector occurs during this period: the cardboard packaging starts to being used within the packaging processes.

Once again, Fabio and Franco Grappoli have sensed the magnitude of the change. In a very short time they develop various types of machinery that transform APE into a company that manufactures complete packaging lines of automatic depalletizers, case erectors, case packers, partition inserters, case sealers and palletizers.

Thanks to these discoveries and innovations, the whole packaging process becomes automatic.

The industrialization of the Production

A new production site in Zevio, near Verona, is inaugurated in 2001.

The company moves from its historical site of Negrar in order to meet its production needs. With 4,000 square meters, and soon more, APE takes on an industrial dimension.

Hundreds of machines are designed and build every year thanks to the work and dedication of dozens of employees, and these ones are then installed and deployed in wineries, distilleries and breweries around the world.

The Growth

Ape Packaging France is founded in 2014 as the French branch, in order to meet the increasing demands of customers, and offers a 360° service, from sales to customer care.

APE reinforces its presence worldwide with thousands of active machines.

Always close to our Customers

After over fifty years of history, a further step towards the future takes place with the entrance in the company of the third generation, in the person of Francesco Grappoli.

Today as Yesterday, along with all the people who are part of APE, we design, build and install machines and complete packaging lines.

Today as Yesterday, along with all our customers, we invest, develop and innovate to provide our customers with the best solutions.

Today as Yesterday, and Tomorrow.

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