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The companies of “Gruppo Bisaro” assumed the form of a Group for the purposes of presenting their customers, both national and international, with a transparent interface that facilitates the identifying of business, partnership and research activities, among the opportunities, range of products, services and knowledge offered by the Group’s companies. The business began in 1985 with the popularization of the new cold sterilization technologies via the use of polymeric membrane micro-filtration. The company specialized mainly in enology, beer and water, with systems for storage, filtration, filling, and microbiological control. Following this, the research department developed elaborate membrane separation processes like reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, ultrafiltration, and cross-flow micro-filtration. In-depth analysis and experience in the management of microbiological activities, like those connected to enzymes, yeasts and bacteria, for example, has made the companies of Gruppo Bisaro proud to hold the title of “MICROBIOLOGY EXPERTS”.

With this knowledge and the addition of engineers, electronic programmers, specialized technicians, laboratory researchers, 3D designers and quality control managers, we moved on to the building of complete filling systems, in particular containers that are alternatives to bottles, like Bag-in-Box, Stainless Steel Kegs and PET Kegs.
Gruppo Bisaro’s latest research and development activities deal with the patenting and production of containers like PET Kegs, from 10-30 litres.
Thanks to the company’s wealth of expertise and that of the Team, which over the last few years has developed, Gruppo Bisaro has studied and made prototypes of complete “one-piece” Preform heating, blow-molding, valve-insertion, and PET container-filling systems, with the “Make Your Keg” philosophy, thus providing the client not only with the systems and parts needed for the production and filling of PET kegs but also with the varied expertise needed for the management of the entire production cycle.
Starting in 2015, the group will resume the research and the patents that started in 2000 for the purpose of realizing the prototyping and the subsequent launch of innovative sparkling wine and wine-bar systems that concern the industrial and wine-and-food sectors. It is called ” Lis Bolis ” .

People first of all

The Gruppo Bisaro Believes in ”the social value of the business” and in its synergistic relationship with people and the territory in which it works. All the activities carried out are aimed at improving the “Quality of life”, a virtue that puts respect for people at the center of any research and idea, the balance between doing and the serenity of everyday life.

(Gianfranco Bisaro)  

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