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The History

How to reach the important turning points?
By thoughtful planning, hard work and strict determination.
1967 Foundation of a private workshop, the main activity of which was the sale and manufacture of machines and other sheet metal products.
1985 Manufacturing of first wine tanks made of stainless steel.
1988 A prototype of the pneumatic wine press was manufactured.
1991 First exports to foreign countries.
1995 The company moved to a new and bigger location in Batuje. What followed was a period of intensive development and production modernization. Our company expanded and started manufacturing stainless steel beer brewing, pharmacy, and food industry equipment.
1999 Manufacturing of pressure vessels according to the PED certificate.
2000 ISO 9001 certification.
2008 The opening of a new production facility with 11,000 m² surface area.
2010 ISO 14001 certification.

Škrlj d.o.o. has been built on solid grounds of a rich family tradition and is now a renowned European company and an already established name on international markets.
The main activity of the company is research, development, production and selling of equipment for winemaking, for beer-brewing and food industry, for pharmaceutical and chemical industry and for other industries.
High-quality products, adaptability and innovation – these are the reasons which have persuaded our customers.


We want to strengthen our leading position among Slovene companies in our field and gain even more recognition in the wider European area. In the next few years, we plan to expand our production with a more intensive approach to design and manufacture beer brewing, pharmacy, and other chemical and food industry equipment.

Our goal is a happy customer and owner.
Our strength is a group of creative and happy employees and continuous quality improvement.
Our motivation is developing and strengthening our SK Group trademark by producing quality equipment.
Our advantage is new product development, lower expenses, and increased productivity.
Our opportunity is a good partnership with our suppliers.

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