Beer Tanks

SK designs and manufactures various types of processing tanks specifically dedicated to meet the high standards of the beer and beverage industry. Atmospheric and pressure tanks are manufactured in accordance with the directive PED 2014/68/EU. SK uses advanced production equipment and manufacturing procedures such as pillow plate laser welding, orbital pipe welding, automatic brushing and surface polishing in their tanks. Sk offers several different designs of fermentation and maturation tanks both vertical and horizontal. SK designs and constructs their equipment with great emphasis in processing, sanitation and maintenance.

Our beer tanks create the ideal environment for yeast to work its magic. From temperature control to pressure management, every detail is optimized to ensure consistent, exceptional results. We design our tanks with a fusion of tradition and modern technology in mind. Our tanks are a testament to the art of brewing.


SK Mini Series Brite Tank


SK Brite Tank


SK Fermentation Tank

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