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Prospero presents an array of distillery equipment options, suitable for virtually any distillery operation. Our distillery equipment line includes a range of pot stills and continuous distillation stills along with supporting heating and cooling systems, fermentation and mashing equipment and all your related distillery needs.

We excel in transforming your ideas into tangible results. Our collaborative efforts ensure that your vision and needs are translated into a product that operates at the peak of performance. Prospero Equipment Corp. stands behind every system we sell with highly responsive and experienced service and parts support. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in effectively and efficiently maximizing the lifespan of their machinery.

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1500L Gin and Whiskey Distillery Setup
SlyFox Pot Distillery Setup

Pot Stills

Pot stills are designed for the production of individual batches of small to medium quantities of distillates with a highly aromatic profile. These stills are equipped with an integrated raw material heating system.

Column Stills

Column stills are designed for production in either batch or continuous format, offering higher yields, improved efficiencies, and higher alcohol content.

Barison Column Still
Fermentation Tank Distillery

Mash Cookers, Lauter Tuns & Fermentation Tanks

Prospero offers a full range of mashing equipment to support both clear wort and whole mash systems. Mash cookers come equipped with integrated heating, cooling and mixing equipment. Lauter Tuns for clear wort systems include fully integrated controls and wet grains discharge systems. Fermenters are also fully equipped with integrated cooling and mixing systems designed for optimal performance. Clean in Place (CIP) systems are available to keep all systems sterile and for optimal operating conditions.

Distilled Spirits Bottle Rinsers, Fillers and Cappers

Prospero offers a wide range of state of the art spirit rinser, fillers and cappers to meet all your packaging needs. Equipment can be supplied as stand alone machines or integrated into a “monoblock.” The equipment is built for the ultimate in both flexibility and efficiency and can be adapted to wide range of packaging requirements.

GAI 3000 Bottle Filler
Bottle Labeler Winery

Bottle Labeling

Prospero offers a range of precision labeling equipment to ensure your spirits packaging is second to none. Our labeling equipment has the versatility to handle a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes along with multiple label configurations.

Distillery Product Packaging

We have the best in packaging and palletizing equipment, made for the Distillery Industry. We offer the best in depalletizers, case erecting, partition inserting, case packing, top sealing, and more high quality distillery packaging equipment.

Distillery Packaging Equipment

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