Prospero Equipment

Prospero offer a wide range of closure application equipment for different closure designs and styles used in today’s beverage market.  
Closure examples include: cork, crown cap, t-top, cork and cage, screw cap including – Stelvin (exterior cap threads), Stelvin-lux (interior cap threads), and a full range of plastic closures.


From 300 to 1,000 bottles per hour.


From 1,500 to 25,000 bottles per hour.


OMBF designs and manufactures semi-automatic and automatic solutions for all bottling closures from corking, capping and wire-hooding with stand-alone monoblocks and triblock machines. OMBF’s product range includes specific machines for the production of sparkling wines and champagne according to the classical method (Méthode champenoise) as well as still and carbonated products.

Robino & Galandrino

Established in 1964 in Canelli, Italy, known as the birthplace of Italian sparkling wine, Asti. ROBINO & GALANDRINO has grown together with the largest regional wine producing companies in the area and owes their success and development to their collaboration.


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Prospero carries a wide selection of stand alone automated closure equipment:   
Vacuum corkers, crown cap, t-top, screw cap including – Stelvin (exterior threads), Stelvin-lux (interior threads) and a wide selection of plastic caps.

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