Prospero Cider Brewing & Cidery Equipment

Prospero Equipment is your go-to partner for a comprehensive range of equipment solutions tailored specifically for cideries. Our offerings span an array of essential equipment designed to streamline and enhance every step of your cider production process. From stainless steel fermentation and brite tanks that ensure the perfect environment for fermentation to high-performance pumps that facilitate fluid transfer with precision, we’ve got you covered. At Prospero Equipment, we understand the unique demands of the cider industry, and our extensive range of cider-focused equipment is here to help you succeed in crafting exceptional ciders.

Smaller Fermentation Tanks

Cider Tanks

We use various types of stainless steel cider tanks specifically designed for the high standards of the brewing industry. We have both fermentation and variable capacity tanks for hard cider and other carbonated liquids.

Cider Impeller Pumps

Pumps to transfer must, cider, and other products: Peristaltic pumps, impeller pumps, air pumps, must pumps, mono pumps & single screw rotor pumps and many more.

Liverani Wine Pumps
1911 Cider House

Cider Can & Bottle Fillers

We have a wide range of customized beverage equipment for cider brewers, and cideries of variable sized production operations. Our specialty filling equipment can handle still, carbonated, spirits and viscous liquids. We have a range of filling machines that operate with a variety of container designs and closures.

Cider Bottle Closures

Prospero offers a variety of bottle closure options with different designs and styles for today’s cider production market. We have both the Semi-Automatic, and Automatic models available. Some of the styles include: cork, crown cap, t-top, cork and cage, screw cap, and more.

Automatic Bottle Closure
GAI Bottle Labelling machine at Russian River Brewing Company

Cider Bottle Labelers

We have the ability to label a wide variety of can and bottle shapes and sizes within the cidery industry. We utilize both Self-Adhesive and Glue Labelers.

Cider Product Packaging

We offer high quality cider product packaging equipment that include palletizers and depalletizers, case erecting, partition inserting, case packing, top sealing and weight check systems.

1911 Cider House

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