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In 1970 Prospero Equipment Corporation was built and Mr Tony Prospero began distributing small home winemaking equipment out of Pleasantville, NY.
In 1987 the growth of the wine industry and the demand for equipment incited the opening of a second office in Windsor, CA. Associated Winery System (AWS), to provide the same quality of product and customer relationships on the West Coast.
In 1996 Valley Vineyard Supplies joined the Prospero team to distribute Prospero equipment into British Columbia.
Not long after that Prospero Equipment Corporation opened a third office in Geneva, NY: this one sustain additional technical support in the east coast.
In 2013 Prospero opened the Northwest office in McMinnville (OR) to begin supplying the Pacific Northwest with parts, technical support and equipment;
the same year Geneva office was restructured and a new warehouse was built to better supply our customers with parts and technical support.
In 2013 PEC Canada was established as our fifth office to support our customers in Montreal, where Stefan Buhl took over as associated agent in British Columbia.

Our Vision

With over 40 years of experience in the beverage industries, we have been honoured to work with the most respected wineries, breweries and beverage groups across the United States, Canada and Mexico.
We believe strongly that respectful cooperation with our vendors and the creativity of our staff will continue to provide our customers with the cutting edge technology that will exceed their expectations.

– Tony Prospero

Brief History of Our Company


Our new warehouse in Geneva, NY is operative.


Our third office, “PEC GENEVA” was launched in Geneva, NY.  This office is for additional technical support and parts are stocked here as well. As well the office local to the Fingerlakes wineries.


A second office “AWS” was opened in Windsor, CA to help service and distribute to the West Coast wineries.


Mr. Tony Prospero began in Pleasantville, NY  distributing small home winery equipment.

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