Prospero Winery Equipment

Prospero Equipment has been a leading supplier of premium winery equipment in North America for over 50 years. Our expertise lies in curating the finest wine making equipment, for every stage from grape processing to the packaging of the final product, thoughtfully tailored for wineries of any scale. Whether you need a ground-up design and build, or a single piece of equipment, or winery equipment service from the most trusted name in the business, we have the winery equipment solution you are looking for.

At Prospero, our dedication is directed towards providing solutions that not only resonate with our customers but also stand the test of time. Characterized by durability, efficiency, intelligence, and user-friendliness, our solutions are thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs. Our winery equipment is high efficiency and high performance, built to be easy to use, easy to clean and reliable year after year.

The foundation of Prospero’s Equipment Corp is deeply rooted in our commitment to customer service and producing the high quality winery equipment. We are dedicated to aiding our customers in effectively and efficiently maximizing the lifespan of their machinery.

Wine Tanks - Red or White
Grape Processing Equipment

Grape Processing Equipment

Dosing vibrating tables, sorting tables, belt elevators, Crushing/Destemmers, Mono pumps.

Wine Tanks

Fixed and variable capacity white and red wine tanks, sparkling wine tanks and stackable tanks. Concrete egg wine tanks, fermenters with automated pump-over, punch down and seed removal options and much more.

Wine Tanks with Walkway Configuration
Wine Press In Action

Wine Presses

Grape pressing is one of the most important and delicate aspects of grape processing. We design pneumatic presses that incorporate features to provide the winemaker programmable computer interface pressing cycles.


Pumps to transfer must, wine, and other products: Peristaltic pumps, impeller pumps, air pumps, must pumps, mono pumps & single screw rotor pumps and many more.

Liverani Wine Pumps
Wine bottling line at Schafer. GAI 3005 Top

Wine Bottle Fillers

Prospero offers a wide range of customized filling equipment for wine and sparkling wine. Our selection of wine bottling machines operate with different container designs and closure options to work with your winery’s needs.

Wine Bottle Closures

Prospero offers a variety of bottle closure options with different designs and styles for today’s wine production market. We have both the Semi-Automatic, and Automatic models available. Some of the styles include: cork, crown cap, t-top, cork and cage, screw cap, and more.

close up of a semi-automatic bottle closure model
Wine bottle labelling at Schafer

Wine Bottle Labelers

We have the ability to label a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes within the wine industry. We offer both Self-Adhesive and Glue Labeler options.

Wine Product Packaging

We offer high quality wine product packaging equipment that include palletizers and depalletizers, case erecting, partition inserting, case packing, top sealing and weight check systems.

Wine Packaging Equipment at Leelanau

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