Mash Cookers, Lauter Tuns & Fermentation Tanks

Prospero offers a full range of mashing equipment to support both clear wort and whole mash systems. Mash cookers come equipped with integrated heating, cooling and mixing equipment. Lauter Tuns for clear wort systems include fully integrated controls and wet grains discharge systems. Fermenters are also fully equipped with integrated cooling and mixing systems designed for optimal performance. Clean in Place (CIP) systems are available to keep all systems sterile and for optimal operating conditions.

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Sly Fox Distillery Tank
Fermentation Tanks, Variable Sizes and Configurations

Mash Cookers

Precision meets passion with Prospero Equipment’s mash cookers. Craft the perfect mash for your spirit with our advanced cooking technology. Our skilled team at Prospero is ready to assist you in choosing the right Mash Cooker.

Lauter Tuns

Experience brewing perfection with Prospero Equipment’s Lauter Tuns. Tailored for precise lautering, our technology ensures premium wort quality. Consult our team at Prospero to discover the ideal Lauter Tun for your unique brewing requirements.

Smaller Fermentation Tanks

Fermentation Tanks

Craft superior brews with Prospero Equipment’s fermentation tanks, meticulously designed for brewing excellence. Attain optimal fermentation conditions and impeccable flavor development. Connect with our dedicated team at Prospero to discuss how our Fermentation Tanks can elevate the caliber of your brewing operations.

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