Prospero Equipment Celebrates Paradigm Spirits' 2024 Whisky of the Year

Prospero Equipment Celebrates Paradigm Spirits’ 2024 Whisky of the Year

Prospero Equipment is thrilled to extend heartfelt congratulations to Paradigm Spirits, the innovative Canadian distillery that was recently awarded the title of 2024 Whisky of the Year at the Canadian Whiskey Awards for their exceptional 2022 Heritage Collection Whisky. This remarkable achievement shows Paradigm Spirits’ dedication to craft and quality in the world of spirits.

A Collaborative Success

At Prospero Equipment, we are incredibly proud to have been a part of Paradigm Spirits’ journey to success. As the exclusive North American dealer of Barison Industry products, Prospero Equipment supplied Paradigm with top-notch distillery equipment. Paradigm’s comprehensive system includes a 2000l Mash Cooker, four 2000l Fermenters, a 2000l pot still with three interconnected 10-tray columns, and a 500l gin pot still. Barison also provided tanks and pumps. The distillation system offers versatility, producing various spirits, such as whiskies, brandies, rums, eau de vie, and vodka, with precision and consistency, thanks to advanced PLC controls.

Beyond tanks and stills, Prospero also provided Paradigm Spirits with our cutting-edge line of labeling, capsuling, and filling equipment. The equipment and service provided by Prospero aided Paradigm in bringing its vision to life with precision and efficiency.

Prospero Equipment is honored to have been a trusted part of Paradigm’s journey to crafting award-winning spirits. This achievement reinforces our commitment to providing distilleries with the highest quality equipment and expertise, elevating the industry as a whole.

Paradigm Spirits' 2024 Whisy of the Year

Michelle Debus, a partner at Paradigm Spirits, appreciates the collaboration with Prospero Equipment. She notes, “Our experience with Prospero Equipment played a key role in strategically planning the ideal equipment for our requirements. Their team demonstrated valuable insights and preparedness, making them a commendable choice as our equipment distributor.”

Prospero Equipment invites distillers to explore the benefits of partnering with us for their distilling needs. As a leading provider of equipment, our team is ready to assist you in optimizing your distillery operations.

Congratulations again to Paradigm Spirits for being named the 2024 Whisky of the Year!

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