Beer Can & Bottle Fillers

Prospero is the North American distributor for the most well known bottle & can fillers for beer in the world. Our mechanical and electronic valve fillers offers a wide range of solutions with precision and efficient filling for canned and bottled beers. The monoblock machines are equipped as an all in one machine that will pre rinse the bottles, filler, and crown cap all in one machine! Additional closures inside the machine are available upon request.


Can Fillers

Using innovative linear and rotary canning solutions, all of our monoblocks are designed for compact and efficient automated canning production in the brewery industry.

Models offered:

  • GAI 3621 FE-CAN
  • GAI 12021 FE-CAN

Bottle Fillers

Prospero offers mechanical and electro-pneumatic fillers designed specifically for the needs of filling beer bottles in operations of all sizes. The GAI Bier Series are designed for bottling carbonated beverages that require extreme care to prevent oxidation and foam formation.

FM = Flat deck / Mechanical filling valve
Rinsing / Mechanical Isobaric filling / Crown Capping

FE = Flat deck / Electro-pneumatic filling valve
RE = Roof deck / Electro-pneumatic filling valve

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