Compact Brewhouse Mini Series

All in one compact design. Equipped with an effective cooling and heating system, completely piped and wired, with an integrated pump system,  with installed CIP system and sanitary design. Customized designs to meet your brewing requirements.

Volume Options

Available in 2 different sizes:

  • BHM 2 bbl  –  (250 L  / 2.1 bbl)
  • BHM 4 bbl  –  (500 L  / 4.2 bbl)

User Friendly

  • User friendly interface system for control and monitoring
  • Manual control of pump, flow regulation, temperature control
  • Organized manifold system for easy operator access
  • Programmable knockout time
  • Polished internal surface and welds for sanitary cleaning

Design Features

  • Cylindrical & cylindroconical pressure tanks manufactured in accordance with the PED Directive (2014/68/EU)
  • Single wall design, without insulation
  • Laser welded double wall design, with insulation
  • CIP tube with cleaning head
  • Internal product contact surface: smooth, bright & reflective
  • External visible surface: scotch brite
  • Pressure gauge, pressure valve, safety valves, ports and valves.
  • Manway, level indicator, sample valve.
Sk Mini Brew House BHM 4bbl

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