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The heart of every brewery lies within its brewhouse. This is where a beer gets its unique qualities that play an essential part in developing its final flavor and character. Adaptability, control, ability to process different mash quantities, creating unique beer styles and storing your own recipes – these are some of the features a craft brewer can expect from our brewhouse.
Brewhouses designed by Škrlj d.o.o. (SK) provides you with clear and efficient control over the entire beer brewing process.
Precisely run mash warm up, adding water, soaking and straining the malt, boiling, adding ingredients, cooling down the wort and transferring it into a fermentation tank – all controlled by one device.
Take a look at our brewhouses and choose the one that would be perfect for you.

All in one compact design. Equipped with an effective cooling and heating system, completely piped and wired, with an integrated pump system,  with installed CIP system and sanitary design.
Customized designs to meet your brewing requirements.

Available in 2 different sizes:
– 250 L (2.1 bbl)
– 500 L (4.2 bbl)

Compact Brewhouses consist of Combi tanks. Brewhouses are completely wired and piped, built on a support frame with perforated walk-on platform. Brewhouses are also available in a configuration for high gravity brewing.

Available in 2 different models:
– BH2
– BH3 (with separate hot water tank)

Available in 3 different sizes:
– 7 bbl
– 15 bbl
– 21 bbl

The MB Microbrewery offers a variety of different vessel combinations and individual vessels.
All Microbreweries are fully piped and wired; complete with valves and sensors, integrated pump system and automations.

Available in 3 different models (all are 30 BBL)
– MB2 (2 Vessels Brewery)
– MB4 (4 Vessels Brewery)
– MB5 (5 Vessels Brewery)

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