Crown Capping


The capping head is composed of a closure device and of the lower part of the cap channel. During every capping cycle, this mobile part takes one cap from the fixed upper channel. The cap is then closed on the bottle with a mirror polished tempered steel cone. The vertical load on the bottles is given by a variable spring according to the diameter and the type of cap used. To switch from Ø26.5 to Ø29, change the fixed channel and the closing device with a mobile channel. If requested, it is possible to use Ø26,5 caps on bottles with “twist-off” ring. For magnetic capsules (standard) the locking device is equipped with a permanent magnet. For nonmagnetic capsules, a device is used which holds the capsule with an expandable ring. A device holds the column of capsules during the closure. The descent channel is equipped with caps block and a fast opening.