Filling & Closures

Prospero offer a wide range of closure application equipment for different closure designs and styles used in today’s beverage market.  Closure examples include: cork, crown cap, t-top, cork and cage, screw cap including – Stelvin (exterior cap threads), Stelvin-lux (interior cap threads), and a full range of plastic closures.

The collaboration between Prospero and GAI has provided both companies a strong, solid foundation in the American filling market.  GAI offers a wide range of customized filling machines for still, carbonated, spirits and viscous liquids. This wide range of filling machines operates with a wide variety of container designs and closures.  On select models, GAI monoblocks have the option of standard block, adjustable or universal change parts.  Universal feed screws are also available on select models. GAI offers filling machines with production speeds from 500 to 24,000 bottles per hour.

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