Gravity Fillers

Mechanical Filling Valves for Still Products

Prospero offers a selection of gravity fillers which have been designed specifically for still beverages or beverages without carbonation. In gravity filling machines, the filling valves shut off both the flow of wine and the gas backflow. Since no air is introduced into the tank using this type of beverage filling method, there is no oxidation, contamination or reduction in aromas.

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Beer Filling Machine 3003 Bier
GAI 3005 gravity filler

For Small & Medium Operations

We offer high quality, reliable, and easy-to-use gravity filling machines for small and medium scale wine and beverage producers. The GAI X Family is a series of 0X to 6X to cater to our customer’s different needs. Download and read our PDF below to learn more about the different models of GAI X gravity fillers and their features.

For Large Scale Operations

We offer gravity fillers designed for large scale bottling producers and provide a wide range of options to combine different functions depending on our customer’s needs. The GAI FMT & FMA series of gravity fillers have the option of standard block, adjustable, or universal change parts. Universal feed screws are also available on select models. These are extremely reliable, automated machines suitable for long work shifts with easy to minimal maintenance.

GAI FMT & FMA Series

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