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The (patented) filling valves shut off both the flow of wine and the gas backflow; the filler tank is therefore only in contact with the atmosphere created in the bottle, benefiting both the oxidation and the sterility. The filler valves can operate by gravity or light vacuum. The advantages of light vacuum are as follows: — improved priming of the filling — guaranteed absence of dripping, even if the bottom seal is not in perfect condition. With our valve there are no contra-indications to the use of a light vacuum: as no air is introduced into the tank, there will be no oxidation, contamination or reduction in aromas. The filling level can be adjusted individually (from 30 to 90 mm from the mouth rim valve 200- 041) or centralized (from 30 to 90 mm from the mouth rim valve 205-041). The opening of the valve for sterilization can also be centralized or set individually. Wine is fed from below so that it arrives without oxidation, and above-all so that the tank – which has a conical bottom with drainage in the middle – can be emptied completely. The tank is fully machined tool-worked with a specular inside finish to make it easy to clean and sterilize. The height of the filler can be adjusted manually or electrically. The bottle-raising pistons are mechanically operated with spring thrust and cam return. The filler rotates on a bearing system. The monoblock’s main greasing points are centralized.

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