Mechanical and Electro-Pneumatic Fillers

For Still and Carbonated Products

Prospero offers a selection of mechanical and electro-pneumatic filling valves with 0 to 8 bar working pressure for flexibility and customization of final packaging.

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Wine Bottling Filler
Cidery bottle filling

Electro-Pneumatic Fillers for Still & Carbonated Beverages

Specially designed for beverages that require extreme care in terms of oxidation and foam formation, our selection of electro-pneumatic filler valves are suitable for a wide range of beverages that include both carbonated and still products for operations of all sizes.

Mechanical & Electro-Pneumatic Fillers for Beer

Prospero also offers mechanical and electro-pneumatic fillers designed specifically for the needs of filling beer bottles in operations of all sizes. The GAI Bier Series are designed for bottling carbonated beverages that require extreme care to prevent oxidation and foam formation.

Beer Filling Machine 3003 Bier

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