7BBL Direct Fired Brewhouse

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  • Combi MLT & HLT, MLT with rake & plow system
  • Completely wired and piped, with tanks installed on S.S. 304 support frame
  • Integrated HLT pump & Wort pump, VFD control
  • Direct fire heating way for KWT,
  • Electricity heated for HLT.
  • PLC control panel, temperature auto control

7BBL Direct Fire Brewing System combi HLT, PLC control panel.

N.01 7bbl Mash Lauter Tank with combi 7BBL HLT under
7BBL MLT /Approx. 40% head space, top gear motor with rake & plowsystem, dish head with glass manway, milled false bottom 0.7mm gap, side spent grain outlet door with chute, Grist hydrator , 1.5″ sparge arm inside tank, top rotary CIP, bottom CIP with rinsing nozzles, strong LED light,3mm plate for inner tank, 2mm for outer tank, 1.5mm for steam jacket, heat able from hot water to maintain temperature, outer tank brushed, inner tank mirror polish finish, ribbon polish for welded place/7BBL Combi HLT approx. 10% head space/with 2×2″ Tri-clamp element for heating/sight glass/side manway/HLT inner tank mirror polish finish as well/immersion heaters included

N.01 Kettle Whirlpool Tank
7BBL working capacity /Approx. 40% headspace, dish head with glass manway, 2 degree flat bottom with enclosed firebox, top rotary CIP, strong LED light, whirlpool inlet, 3.0 mm plate for inner tank, 2.0 mm for outer tank, direct fire heating way, outer tank brushed, inner tank 2b finish, ribbon polish for welded place. Sanitary condensate vent pipe. (fire burner not included)

Grist Case (optional)

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Plate heating exchanger
6 m2/ SUS304/2 Stage

N.02 Wort Pump, HLT pump, CLT pump
1.5KW, 5 m3 / hour, 220v 3 phases, 60hz (or customized) sus304 pump head, UL motor

N.01 Brew-house pipelines
SUS304/Manual butterfly Valves/for MLT, KWT & HLT. Centralized manifold – all valves in one centralized location (manifold) on front of brewhouse with laser etched process on each valve

N.01 Skid mount
For 2 tank with pipe lines installed on skid as whole for shipping

N.01 Working platform
SUS304 / punched holes & skidproof / for MLT & KWT

N.01 Wort Aerator
SS304 with oxygenation stone/sight glass.

N.01 Wort Grant Tank
SS304 single shell with openable & silicone hose level

N.01 Brew-house Control cabinet – PLC style.
Touch screen style, Siamen 10″” touch screen, main electric parts UL listed, basic function:

  1. VFD control for MLT gear motor, both clockwise & counter clockwise direction
  2. VFD control for Wort pump, HLT pump;
  3. LED light on/off for MLT, KWT
  4. Temperature display for MLT, KWT, HLT, auto temperature control for KWT and HLT
  5. High and low fire control for burner
  6. Hot water pump to MLT jacket to maintain temperature. 4 stage temperature control for MLT or customized
  7. Flow meter control for volume of water from HLT to MLT and Tap water to MLT(If use 1 x flowmeter)

N.01 IMF flow meter SM8001
Flow control for Hot water& Tap water to MLT

Additional Information
Dimensions 173 × 90 × 129 in