Washing & Drying


The washing of the bottles is done using rotating nylon brushes that have been wetted by a fine water spray . (Generally cold water is used, preferably with limited hardness). Brushes change according to bottles dimensions, no other settings are needed. The bottles are put in rotation in the opposite direction of the brush (2) using the platforms . In this way the cleaning action of the brushes ensures the perfect cleaning of extremely dirty bottles too. The brush, by virtue of its rotating action, is self cleaning and the wastewater leaves the machine through the discharge pipe. The brushes achieve the complete cleaning of the entire bottle surface:

  1. cork brush: cork area and bottle mouth
  2. body brush: neck, shoulder and bottle body
  3. bottom brush: bottle bottom
  4. bottom brush “CH”: bottle bottom for “champagne bottles” (Optional).

The drying of the bottle is done using:

  1. The drying head dries the bottle neck and the cork while the bottle is rotating. The drying heads and the holding heads (drying and washing side) are set all together.
  2. The wiper blade positions itself automatically against the bottle sides. A large portion of the water, which is to be found on the bottle walls, is caught by the wipers and the water runs down by means of gravity.
  3. The side blower can be adjusted according to the diameter of the bottle. The air, forced through the lateral blowers while the bottle is rotating, is added to the air flow of drying head. The resulting combined air-flow remains against the bottle surface and blows the water downward. The air used by devices (1) and (3) is produced by the machine.
  4. The bottom drying device is a platform equipped with a central jet. Compressed air is forced into the jet and in this manner the bottle bottom is dried.