Grape Processing Equipment

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of grape processing equipment, including destemmers and sorting tables. Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of wineries and grape-related industries. With our high-quality equipment, we aim to streamline grape processing, ensuring the production of top-tier wines and grape-based products. Explore our offerings to enhance your grape processing efficiency and product quality.

Cma Destemmer


CMA destemmers offer intuitive design, compact and easy disassembly for sanitation. They have many different cage sizes and configurations for the customization for all varieties of grapes.  Available with telescopic legs for crush pad adjustability.

Sorting Tables

Offering 3 distinct sorting tables:

  • S800 – Belt sorting tables for manual sorting of whole or destemmed grapes.
  • SV800 – Vibrating sorting tables for post-destemmed grape sorting.
  • Rolltec – Automated sorting tables for post destemmed or machine harvested grape sorting.
Cma Sorting Table

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Prospero also carries: Dosing tables, Mono pumps, must pumps, belt elevators, hoppers & crushing rollers, peristaltic pumps and much more.