For over 50 years Prospero Equipment Corporation has been a leading supplier of winery equipment throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico. We specialize in carrying the highest quality winery equipment to handle fresh fruit processing to final product fermentation processing and packaging.High performance, Easy use, Easy cleaning… all the things that our processing equipment offers. Working together with our customers and our manufacturers we are able to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace and the finest winemakers. Prospero’s success is due to our strong commitment to customer service and high quality equipment manufactures. We are committed to assisting our customers in maintaining the lifetime of their machines effectively and efficiently.

Wine Tanks - Red or White
Fixed Capacity White Wine Tank - FWXU

Fixed & Variable Capacity Tanks

Red and White Wine – Variable and Fixed Capacity Tanks.

Available in two designs:

  • VWXU | FWXU – White Wine Tanks
  • VRXU | FRXU – Red Wine Tanks

Fermentation Tanks

Designed with a computer interface for programming and precise fermentation cycles. All fermenters are fitted with double cooling jackets for temperature control through a computer interface. Available in 4 designs: Fixed White, Variable White, Fixed Red, and Variable Red

Fermenter Wine Tank - PIP
Sparkling Wine Tank - RTIU

Sparkling Tanks

Prospero Equipment Corporation offers complete solutions for the Processing and Packaging of Traditional Method Sparkling Wine. The same exceptional quality equipment is available no matter the production speeds desired. Prospero Equipment Corporation has the right solutions for all your Sparkling needs.

Stackable Tanks

Our stackable tanks are designed for storing product under atmospheric pressure with glycol jacketing for temperature control. Available in a 4 sizes with a range of options to choose from.

Stackable Wine Tank
Concrete Egg Wine Tank

Concrete Egg Tanks

The Oeuf de Beaune (ODB) concrete egg wine tank is an alternative tank for vinification, aging and storage.   ODB’s concrete egg tanks are handcrafted to meet the customers requirements.  Designed without corners, wine circulates naturally during fermentation which encourages the cap to remain submerged.

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