Prospero Equipment - CBC 2024

Prospero Equipment is Brewing Excitement at CBC 2024!

Prospero is coming to the Craft Brewers Conference 2024! Come meet the team at booth 1775 and get the chance to check out some of our state-of-the-art brewing equipment.

SK Brewhouse Compact - BH3We’ll be featuring our 15 bbl High Gravity Brewhouse. This brewhouse boasts a monoblock design for streamlined efficiency (90-95%), step mash timers and alarms built into our state of the art touch screen for precise brewing, and a dual plate exchanger for optimal heat transfer.

Our 5 BBL Brewhouse is equipped with a centralized manifold for ease of use, rake and plow that is adjustable from a touch screen, and dual plate heat exchanger avoiding the need for a CLT. Units are available in a steam jacketed version and an oil-heated version option (no steam boiler required!). Efficiencies over 90% as well.

Our Italian made Barison Pot Still and Continuous stills stands out with process piping pre-fabricated at the factory for easy installation, a gin basket for versatility, and a stunning copper and stainless steel design.

Lastly, our 3621 Canner is designed for efficiency with integrated CIP cups for reduced cleaning time, a three-head rotating seamer to handle multiple lid sizes on one turret, and a monoblock construction combining the filler and seamer in one machine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Prospero Equipment can elevate your brewing operations. Let’s brew up the perfect solution for you, and we’ll see you there. Cheers!

CBC 2024

Craft Brewers Conference

APR. 22 – 24
Las Vegas, NV
Booth 1775

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