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Brewery Equipment


Prospero Equipment Corp has been selling brewery equipment and winery equipment for over 40 years. We provide turnkey solutions to outfit the entire brewery’s major equipment components including but not limited to: Fermentation tanks, Brite tanks, Filtration systems, Broilers, Glycol Chillers, Brewhouses, Pumps, Bottling/Labeling equipment, Keggers, Hoses, Fittings and MUCH more. All equipment is of the highest quality made and manufactured in Europe and our technical staff and parts departments are fully trained and equipped to service the brewing equipment.

SK Fermentation Tanks
  • model ZKG – tanks without insulation
  • model ZKI – tanks with insulation

Tanks are equipped with separate cooling zones which can be individually controlled and entirely insulated…See More…

SK Brite Beer Tanks
  • model LTX – tanks without insulation
  • model LTI – tanks with insulation

Tanks are equipped with laser welded heat exchangers (pillow-plate). Separate cooling zones…See More…

MicroBrewery - MB

Microbrewery with 2, 4 or 5 vessels.

  • we plan and design complete medium-sized breweries, all systems can be designed with the client’s input for a defined process;
  • a variety of different vessel combinations and a number of vessels: multifunctional tanks (mash mixer – lauter, kettle – whirlpool), individual process tanks…See More…

We Also sell other brewery equipment like:

– Boiler System

– Malt Mills

– Pumps

– Compact Labelers

– Filter System


Prospero Equipment offers full turnkey solutions for start ups and upgrades to existing Breweries. Offering complete consultation, sales, and technical support for each individual client. This provides a customized solution to meet each breweries particular needs.

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