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Filling and Packaging


Thanks to the collaboration between GAI and Prospero Equipment Corporation, the companies have achieved a strong competitiveness in the American filling & packaging sector.
We offer a wide range of machineries: for all type of bottling or sparkling liquid, for all type of bottle and also for capping and labelling.

Prospero Equipment Corporation has got also many solutions for all your packaging needs.
At Prospero we sell Packaging Machinery that do everything from de-palletizing to a complete Uniblock and that can automatically erect cartons, seal bottoms and insert bottles into the cases.

Mobile bottling solutions

Prospero and GAI designed and manufactured machineries for mobile bottling trucks for more than 10 years.
Our experienced staff and the reliability and durability of the GAI equipment have made us one of the leading equipment providers for wine bottled within the US. Our mobile bottling lines account for a large part of our success.
We carry all the “solutions” for creating your own Mobile Bottling Unit: from initial design to final installation, Prospero and GAI can design and construct lines for any customers’ needs.


Prospero provides complete bottling and packaging equipment solutions. Offering sales, service, and parts for new and existing packaging lines across the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

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